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Defered action of chilhood arrivals questions?

Wapato, WA |

1.-If i gratuated from high school and i have my school record that says graduation date, do i still need the actual certificate paper?

2.-Is my irs card prove of my arrival date if i got it as soon as i got here?

3.-What if i don't remember all the addreses where i lived at?

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1. No, but the diploma 'looks' better
2. No, the IRS (ITIN?) card doesn't prove arrival date
3. Talk to your parents ... if you don't remember the house/apartment number ... try to remember the streets.

Hire a lawyer ... this isn't an easy application.

If you are low income go here: or

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1. best to submit your school records and diploma
2. yes - if it bears a date
3. dig for information - his is an important application; you don't want to take chances

Please have a thorough consultation with a lawyer.

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1. The actual diploma is the best evidence of your graduation from high school. Sometimes a report card will have the graduation date, but the person hasn't actually fulfilled the requirements for graduation. If you can't get a diploma, get a letter on school letterhead from your principal stating that you graduated.

2. You should submit a copy of that card along with other evidence that you have been in the US for a number of years. That alone will not be enough.

3. Try to remember as best you can. If you don't remember the street numbers, provide the street names. If you can't remember the street name, put the city name and approximate dates.

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I agree with my colleagues. In a nutshell, you need to present as much evidence to support your application, and you also need to present the best application possible. There are many ways to accomplish that, just as there are many way to "skin a cat".

However, I firmly believe that nobody should submit a DACA application without the assistance of an immigration lawyer. Depending on what is included in that application, you may be subject to Removal. And since your application contains your contact information, you should be very wary. You owe it to yourself to contact a lawyer, whether myself or one of my colleagues. If you appreciate the time spent preparing this answer, kindly consider marking it BEST ANSWER or HELPFUL. Also, please be sure to read my disclaimer below. Good luck to you.

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You should submit a copy of the diploma itself. If you don't have it, but the transcript shows the graduation and the date, that should be sufficient, but I'd still add any additional evidence such as graduation photos, emails, etc. Note that the government is sensitive about fake transcripts and documents, so make sure you do not submit any falsified docuemnt. In my experience, if we work on it hard enough we can find evidence for all of it. The ITN card does not prove the date of entry, but might be used as one piece of evidence to show you were here on that date. Check your school records, bank records, tax returns, etc. for the addresses where you've lived. I recommend you get an experienced immigration attorney. These cases are not at all as simple as just filling out a form. The evidence is the key, and it will take effort on your part even with a good attorney.

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