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Defer Prosecution Is there a statue on a deferred Pros?

Moses Lake, WA |

My husband entered in to a deferred Pros. in 05 he went to rehab he complete the 2yr out pt and the probation but has been unable to work due to a disability. We also now raise our grandchild. We are unable to pay the 2500 still owing on the case. I don't think it is fare a person that has completed every thing and has been sober and done nothing at all in this long will get it taken back because we are poor Is there a statue or any thing that can be done or is that it??

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Attorney answers 3


He will have to pay it. I have never heard of a way for the Judge to waive the requirment of payment for the program/treatment.


The deferred prosecution statute is RCW 10.05.


This question should really be directed to your husband's attorney. You might be able to make small but steady payments on the fines and fees, and you should have been doing that all along. There might be a defense if the court wants to revoke the deferred after seven years have passed, but it would require that someone carefully examine all of the documents in the matter - your husband's attorney would know what was ordered, whether there were waivers of time for trial that extended jurisdiction, and so on. His attorney might already have answers for many of the questions, but a new attorney would likely have to bill you for the time to dig in and discover the answers.