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Defendant response to Rule 194.2 of Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Question

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I am a defendent in a civil personal injury suit related to a auto accident. I plan on hiring an attorney but would like to understand how to respond to a request to disclose under Rule 194.2. It would seem to be against my best interest to supply some of the requested material to people suing me. How much should be supplied? I would think they have their material and basis already which they have yet to share with me.

As I am assuming Discover works both ways, how do I request disclosure from them for their basis of calculation, medical records, loss of income documents, etc?

The plantiffs have refused to work with my insurance company and will not be examined by their medical doctors.

I am not planning to defend myself in this matter but want to fully understand the process.

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First of all, if you have insurance, you should report this suit to your insurance company immediately. They will handle the defense, at no additional cost to you. However, if you wait too long to notify them, they may deny coverage.

You are required to fully answer all parts of the Request for Disclosure, and your failure to fo so will likely prevent you from introducing evidence at trial that should have been disclosed.

Discovery does work both ways, and your attorney will send a request for disclosure, as well as other discovery, to the Plaintiff.

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