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Default Judgment after Prove Up from 3 years Ago in Divorce Case (LASP)

Los Angeles, CA |

I got a Default Judgment after Prove-up on 10/26/2010 on my divorce. I was told i had 20 days to submit the judgment packet with the court orders for the judge to sign and finalize the divorce. The Judgment packet however, was never signed by the judge because the clerk kept sending back to me with rejections. 3 years have passed, should i try to resubmit the judgement for the judge to sign again? Or Should i ask the judge to dismiss my divorce and start again? What are my options after the 20 day deadline for the judgment submission passes? It's been 3 years!!!

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Attorney answers 2


You should either hire an attorney just for the judgment to get done or go the self-help office in the courthouse to see if they can help you. You need to see if the case has been dismissed for failure to submit a judgment. You can do this through the clerk's office.



thanks for the reply, case has not been dismissed for failure to submit a judgment, it currently shows " Default Judgment after Prove-up 10/26/2010".


The first step is to find out the status of the case. If not open, you need to restart. If it is open, see if the self help center can give you guidance. If it cannot, consult an experienced family law attorney. Have all of the papers ready for the self help center and/or the attorney.