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Default and new doe defendants

Carlsbad, CA |

I lent money to a small company (owned and run by a family - mom, dad, son). The mom and dad guaranteed the loan. Company defaulted on payment. I sued mom, dad, and son and got entry of default against mom and dad because they fled the country. I sued the son and he has answered. I just looked over bank records and see that company money were given regularly to the daughter (whom I didn't sue because she was an officer of company).

I want to add new claim for fraudulent transfer against daughter. If I amend the complaint - does that mean the entry of default against mom and dad are no longer valid and they can come back and answer?

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Yes, unfortunately that is correct. If you file a First Amended Complaint, you need to re-serve all defendants who haven't yet been dismissed. So that means any defaulted defendants now have a chance to file an Answer to the First Amended Complaint.

You are better off filing a separate lawsuit for fraudulent transfer/conveyance, and letting the daughter defendant file a Notice of Related Case and Motion to Consolidate.

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I was going to suggest a strategy, and then saw Mr. Chen's post, which beat me to it.


You could file a separate lawsuit against the new defendant (daughter) and then consolidate the cases.