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Defamation of Character, slander, libel, and harassment

Henderson, NV |

I was recently nominated for an award within my industry. My competitor decided to make false accusations towards me and sent them to the judges in an attempt to get me disqualified. This person also publicly posted on the internet these same statements to her "followers" to gain votes. She degraded me with constant profanity and would not stop contacting me when I asked several times. After her dirty campaign led to her victory, she decided to send me an "apology" letter. By that time I would not accept her apology and requested she posted a public apology to me and the same people she misled into believing me to be the person she portrayed me as. This has damaged my image in my industry. I have all documents and screenshots of her posts and messages. What are my options?

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More information is needed to properly evaluate. Sit down with a local lawyer to discuss in full.


Consult a defamation attorney with more specific facts for guidance and advice.

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Contact an attorney in your area. Be sure to specify exactly how you have been damaged and hopefully be able to quantify it somehow. Many attorneys are apprehensive to take on these cases without clear cut damages.

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