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Defamation, slander, libel

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Got into a relationship with a business man, I found out he was married and disclosed the relationship in social media. He continue to contact me, then accused me of harassment when he got no reply from me. DA decided not to press consider the case. Now he is threatening to sue me for defamation for disclosing publically the affair? I have proof (emails, voicemails, texts, even underwear) What can I do to stop this person from harassing and intimidating me just to cover for the affair? He keeps sending threats and when got no reaction from me paid the social media site to delete the information. If my claims are true, what are my rights when it comes to freedom of speech. I was lied to, betrayed, used and now can't event talk about it????

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Truth is a defense to a defamation claim.

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Andrew Mark Jaffe

Andrew Mark Jaffe


But realize it is a defense, that means you are paying to defend yourself. You will probably lose your legal fees if nothiing else.


My colleague is correct. Truth is a defense to a defamation suit. As for getting this person to stop harassing you, it might be tough. Contact the state attorneys office, or the police about it.

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In Texas, you can seek a restraining order against a person who threatens or harasses you. Notice I said “seek.” There are no guaranties the courts will grant a restraining order, but you can ask for one. You will have to present evidence that the person is threatening you or deliberately trying to cause you harm through harassment. That's not easy in a country where free speech is revered. You should also seriously consider one other thing. If you file an action for a restraining order or injunction to prevent this person from harassing you, the matter will become public record. Discovery will be done and your personal business will become very public. If you are willing to undertake the expense of this kind of injunctive litigation, and willing to air all of your personal dirty laundry in public, you should have no trouble finding a civil litigation attorney to assist you (for a hefty fee). If you want to avoid this sort of litigation, consider hiring an attorney to send a “cease and desist” letter demanding that this person stop harassing you. A cease and desist letter of this sort has no real legal effect, but it often has a strong psychological effect on bullies.

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