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Deceased individual's name being used as a grantee on property. Is this blatant identity theft?

Pasadena, CA |

A family member passed away in 2011. He owned property. I looked into some public property records and noticed his name was being used as a Grantee, i.e., a Grantor service named him as the Grantee, and per Title, read Reconveyance on this property he owned.
I also saw on tax lien attached to his name, along with someone's else's name.
Thank you.

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Any person using someone else's name for any purpose is identity theft. There is a lot of information missing to tell you exactly what to do about this but I would bring it to the attention of the police.

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Thank you. I will contact law enforcement. The person using his name, etc., is living at the property - perhaps assuming name of decedent, along with a bogus spouse from another country, that together reflect a recent CA State Franchise Tax Lien as well. Thank you again.