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Dear sir i have a question, I have overstayed my I 94 limit but my visa is still valid, may I reenter the U.S and file for the I

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I-192 form at the POE to secure admission in to the U.S, for more information, I was never deported and I came to my home country on my own, further I have an US. spouse,but she is not cooperate with me ,what can I do
Thank you.

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No, I don't think so! You committed a cardinal sin: overstaying the validity period of your I-94, the most "sacred" document once one is admitted to the US.

Upon your return, your previous overstay will show up on the system am afraid.

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I do not believe so.

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I agree - no, you cannot leave and re-enter without expecting major obstacles. You will be required to remain out of the United States either three or ten years, depending on how long you over-stayed. With a US citizen spouse, you can apply to adjust your status to lawful permanent resident and the overstay issue will not hurt your case. If there are issues of extreme cruelty or abuse, you should talk with an immigration attorney to learn if you have other options.

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