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Dealership advertised/said all avail options yr/make/model vehicle- doesn't mean their vehicle has it NOT false advertising??

Seattle, WA |

*advertised all avail options yr/make/model’ *stated over phone mint cond inside/out won’t be disappointed, fully loaded, full refund, ‘’you saw the ad - but that it didn’t mean their vehicle has it, - NOT considered false advertisement? * auth $600 over phone to hold vehicle- ask for cc slip when i got there, refused to give me one - got copy thru AGO response - they forged signature- DID NOT matter, *refused to refund full $600 unless i signed contract, got another vehicle, demanded additional cash down, signed contract , vehicle broke down 26 miles, they towed back to dealership and has vehicle. JUDGE SAID NOT FALSE ADVERTISING LISTING ALL OPTIONS AVAIL, I SIGNED CONTRACT OTHER VEHICLE GAVE MORE $ AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS

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If this has been litigated and gone before a judge your only option is to appeal.

If you show up in a response to an advertisement, the car you wanted was not there, and you accepted a different car, knowing it was a different car, the false advertising claim is probably exhausted.

If you were represented at trial, this would be a question for your your attorney. Even though false advertising is exhausted, lemon laws might have applied. If you didn't raise lemon law issues (if they exist in your area) at trial and your case is finished you might be out of luck.

You should discuss the details with an attorney in your area.

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