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Daughter in special ed school was injured by staff before i agreed to sign her in for that day

Long Grove, IL |

daughter 18,high functioning Ausberger, therapist given permission by adminn to threaten, badger, force her into talking meeting with mother, horribly upsetting to daughter and didnt want to return to school, brought her into office next day met the principle at reception and told him, receptionist I wasnt going to admit her into school until or unless I met with him and therapist first.Instructed daughter to sit and wait for me. I went with principle and my attorney to have meeting. Staff came out and tried to get her to class and she informed them of the same. They stated that we have more control over you than your dad, after discussion they asked if she wanted to see me and along the path they attacked her, grabbed her and dragged her off , bruises, pulled muscles, what to do ?

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I suspect that your attorney who was with you according to your question will be able to guide you in deciding what to do. This is the sort of thing that really requires you to retain and follow the advice of your own attorney


Yours is the sort of complex question that is beyond the scope of this simple Q&A forum. Please consult in person with an education law attorney. Bring any paperwork that you may have to your consultation. You should know, however, that generally speaking, schools Are immune from legal action. Therefore, you should look into alternate solutions and resolutions.

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Talk to your attorney about legal options.

If this lawyer is not well-versed in school law, find one who is.

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