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Dating a registered sex offender and need answers

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I have been dating a guy for several years that was convicted of a sexual offense. He was talking to a girl online who he thought was 17-18 and he was 23 at the time of offense. This was actually a sting and there was really no girl when he went to meet her and he was arrested. The story was changed and he was charged with indecent solicitation of a 13 yr old. No sexual contact occured with anyone just a few words exchanged over the internet. I know this guy and that it was just a stupid mistake and he is not harmful. He will not need to register anymore in 3 more years. I have a pretty good idea through researching that his crime cannot be expunged but if I decide to marry him or have children after 3 years will I be able to? Im not sure if there are any laws restricting me to do that thx

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I do not know the specifics of your boyfriend's case but, with that said, he didn't think the girl was 17 to 18 at the time, he thought she was 13. He would not have been arrested, let alone convicted, if the transcripts of the computer chat said she was 17 or 18. Do yourself a favor, look at the court records and the transcripts of what he was saying to the girl he thought was 13. I have written a book somewhat relating to this and you are doing the right thing by giving thought to the potential affects of your future. Give it some real deep thought. Do you want to be married to the guy when the cops kick in the door and drag him out in front of the cameras next time.

Now having said all that, yes, I know the police can twist things and your boyfriend could actually be the one guy who really was not guilty, he could be the one, but don't believe me, I don't know him. Go look at the trancripts of his internet chat that they used to convict him. I wish you well. Good Luck!

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While it is not against the law to marry him, there are severe restrictions on where he can live in relation to parks, schools, etc. A good place to start doing research is 730 ILCS 150/1, which is the Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act.


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Yes you can marry him but realize the restrictions and responsibilities he has to fulfill in reporting.