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Date of Last Entry into the US in Dept of Homeland and security stamp do not match Bureau of Immigration stamp ?

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I was wondering if I could get some help regarding my OPT application.

I was confused regarding what date I should put under Date of Last Entry into the US (I-765 form). On my I-94 card its written 02/29/2013. But technically I entered on 03/01/2013 as there was no 29th Feb this year. And the Bureau of Immigration stamp on my passport is also of 03/01/2013. I am a little confused and thinking what date should I write on the I-765 form?

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write the date you actually arrived with an addendum explaining the error. You can also ask the customs and border protection to change the date and issue you a new I94


I agree with my colleague ... use the 'real' date of 1 MAR 2013.

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This should not make a big difference. Put the date stamped on your I-94 Card by CBP.
You can provide both documents and explain that this is the same date because of leap year.

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