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Dallas , TX - ATTN - Car stopped completely in left hand lane off toll road for ambulance coming opposite direction

Dallas, TX |

Going north bound on the southern part of the North Dallas Toll road there are a series of hills and dips . After coming up on one of these hills there was an ambulance coming from the opposite direction with their lights and sirens on . Just over the top there was a Jeep almost completely stopped , going ~ 10 - 15 MPH , in the far left lane . I tried to switch lanes but was traveling at the speed limit which left me without enough time / room . There was nobody in front of these people who stopped and a four foot concrete median dividing oncoming traffic . The other driver claims she stopped to yield for the ambulance but failed to yield to the right of the road as required . Which driver and insurance company is liable ? Other driver is filling bodily injury claims .

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If you rear ended this person, then you are likely are at fault.


This is a tough situation. Some may characterize this as a sudden emergency. In any event, you should make a claim against the other drivers insurance. you have not already obtained a copy of the police report I recommend you do so and take it to a personal injury lawyer. Based on the facts it is likely the other insurance company will deny coverage. Good luck.

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You're going to be found at least partially at fault, but your insurer will try to work it out with the other person's carrier. Good luck


If you failed to stop prior to rear-ending the car in front of you, you would be at fault.


Likely your fault, so simply have your insurance company resolve this.

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There are three critical words in the definition of negligence and its makes every negligence case unique to its own set of facts - "under the circumstances". Stopping in the fast lane of the Dallas North Toll Road if you don't have to stop is a death wish. You will get hit, or you will cause a wreck behind you as cars scramble to get out of your way. If the original driver didn't have a good and valid reason to stop in the fastest traffic lane, they are negligent, and it is very forseeable that their negligence will lead to an injury or death.

In my mind, stopping in the traffic lane to watch an ambulance on the other side of the road is stupid. It's rubber necking and nothing more than that.

If you have to stop on a highway, you need to get off the road. Stopping in a traffic lane on a highway is a deadly dangerous thing to do.

How many times do we see on the news tragic stories of people being killed on highways when they stop their cars and do not get the car off the travel lanes of the highways. Most people driving at highway speeds are not expecting to come upon a stopped vehicle in the roadway. Its one thing to come to a stop to avoid a collision with traffic in front of you. It's completely another story to stop to look at an ambulance on the other side of the road.

Good Luck to you.