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DACA Biometrics how long will i have to wait until i finally get approved?

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USCIS received my DACA case on August 28th sent me the notice/Receipt sometime in September, but didn't send the Biometrics appointment letter until i made an inquiry 2 weeks ago and i finally did my biometrics yesterday, will i still be waiting a long time after they receive my Biometrics results, to be approved even though i waited 4 months just so they could send the Biometrics appointment which i was supposed to receive a week after the receipt notice in September? did any review happen to my case in those four months that would lead to a faster Approval?

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This is a repeat question. It will be a few months as they have run fingerprint and background checks



Sorry in the Previous Question i forgot to mention DACA i simply revised it, but thanks for the input..


The fact that you waited so long for the BIO appoinment will have no bearing on how long it takes for the background check. Some background checks take longer then others. Also, this time of year things do tend t slow down a little. Yiu should have a few weeks or a few mnths to wait. If 3 months pass and you have still not heard anything I suggest you inquire.


Im glad to hear you finally got your biometrics apptmt. I'm not sure why your daca request has taken so long. What i can tell you is that all of my daca clients have been Approved within about two months flat. I would estimate it's going to take another 3-4 wks before you get your approval (assuming you will be approved). Good luck!

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I'm seeing a wide variety in DACA processing times, but many of the applications seem to get approved within a 4-8 weeks of the Biometrics appointment. There is little that you can do to speed up the process, so you'll have to be patient, as difficult as that is. If you haven't heard anything in 8 weeks, you may want to follow up on your application, either directly or through an attorney.


DHS is advising it is taking them from 4 to 6 months from application to adjudication.

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