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DACA - Applying for social security number?

Visalia, CA |

Hello, prior to applying for DACA I've had a social security card that states Not Valid for Employment(I never used for anything) that I obtained in early 90's (I'm 19). When I go in do I take that ss card with me? & will they give me the same number?

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If the U.S.Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS) grants you Deferred Action status and
employment authorization, you may be eligible for a Social Security number. After you receive your Employment Authorization Card (I-766)from USCIS, you can apply for a Social Security number

When applying for a social security number, you must show an original document or a certified copy of one of the following as proof of your
age and identity:
• Foreign birth certificate;
• Foreign passport;
• U.S. military record;
• U.S. military identification card;
• Religious record showing age or date of birth;
• U.S. driver’s license;
• U.S.state-issued identification card;
• School record showing age or date of birth;
• School identification card; or
• Copy of medical record.


This does not constitute legal advice, so please do not rely on it as such.


If the social security number that you were issued before is a valid number -- and it sounds like it is -- then there is no need for you to get a new SS number or card. Once you receive your employment authorization card, you can use that in combination with you SS card to obtain employment and file taxes. If down the road you are granted lawful permanent residency, you simply need to go in to the SS office to get the employment restriction removed from your existing SS card.

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