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Cwfo stays on your driving and criminal record?

Andover, MA |
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There are two ways to seal a criminal record. First, if it is a misdemeanor you have to wait 5 years for a felony 10 years and then you can send in a request via mail to have it administratively sealed by the commissioner of probation. Secondly, If you do not meet the time lines and can make a showing that having it on your record is causing you problems, ie getting a job etc, then you can file a motion with the court in which you received the CWOF to have it sealed. Contact an attorney to aid you in the process.

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You can potentially seal your criminal record. You should consult an attorney and they will help you with this. I am unaware of any way to seal your driving record.


What you are trying to achieve may be possible. However, it depends on a lot of details. Contact an attorney to discuss the particulars of your case so that you may know your options.

Good Luck.

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(1) A motor vehicle offense remains on your driver record forever. Even if you get the court record sealed the driver record remains. There is no procedure to my knowledge to either seal or remove an entry on your driver record.
(2) Getting criminal records sealed is a matter of timing. Attorney Newton in his response to your post has - as he always does - succintly and correctly set out the time paramaters. There are a number of details that go into the question of eligibility for sealing that you need to discuss with your lawyer: Have the charges been dismissed? Is your offense one of those offenses for which sealing is prohibited by law? Have you had any subsequent convictions? When was the case dismissed? When was the case ordered continued without a finding? And so forth. A good criminal lawyer can sort this out quickly and you can probably get your criminal record (more prcisely your CORI) sealed and the courthouse papers sealed from public view. I hope this helps.

Robert D. Lewin, Attorney