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Cut off to receive child support arrears

Fonda, NY |

My ex is once again in arrears. I have taken him to court about this several times before and nothing happes. He pays the state min so my kids or I am in no way suffering without his money. He has nothing to do with my kids and I would prefer it this way. I know if I file for collection of arrears again he is going to file something else in retaliation (either support or family) and I don't want to go through all this bull again.
My question is how long can I wait to take him to court for arrears before I will no longer be able to collect? Best case I would like to wait until the children are 18 (they are 7 now) that way it will have added up and I can give it directly to them to help with college. Would anything regarding collection of arrears change if dad was on public assistance?

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It's generally not a good idea to wait beyond a few years - but the arrears do continue to mount indefinitely.


I would not intentionally wait. Consult a local attorney. It is like using him as a bank account. How do you know you will even find him later? It is a very bad idea.

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Hillary Johns

Hillary Johns


I'm with Ms. Raddatz. It won't look good if you wait on this.

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