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Customs rejected our cont. entry based on "insuffcient prove of ownership" even we supplied all req docs

San Gabriel, CA |

The final decision came fr customs is liq. the cont. or export, we cant afford neither. No one in the customs can give us an answer as why n what do they mean by " insf prov of ownership". Those docs they asked n we supplied r: p.o, ss4, prov of pmt, invoices, factory info...etc. pls give us some advise, we have been in this business for 5 yr, honest, hard working n follow the book every step of the way, this cont is so imp to us. We will go out of business for losing this cont. pls help.

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Even though there is an "I" in ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) this is really a customs question .. I'm assuming that your issue is with CBP (Customs and Border Protection).

You need to hire a customs attorney to sort things out ... this is too complicated for an internet blog.

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