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Custody Evaluation- 730, Los Angeles (request to relocate out of state by the mother with 1.5yo child).

Los Angeles, CA |

We have been ordered a custody evaluation by the Judge. The name of the evaluator was picked by the judge 3 months ago. The Evaluator sent us his info 3.5 weeks ago. My ex's attorney is delyaing to submitt the reqwuet doc and sign the agreement witht the evaluator. What is the time line for the custody evaluation to start? Is there a time frame where they CAN NOT intentionally delay the process? HOw should I notify the Judge about this? Thanks.

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Trying to navigate this process without an attorney is VERY difficult, and VERY risky. Did the judge set a "return" date? If that date's coming up, and the evaluation hasn't started yet, you need to file either an ex parte application, or an RFO, to get the order for the evaluation enforced. How come two months went by between the time you picked an evaluator and the time the evaluator started doing anything?



I had a consulting attorney on this. It seems like my ex's attorney keeps delaying things; not agreeing on some of the terms of the Evaluator Agreement, not returning calls/emails. WE have a hearing coming up in January, but I do not want to wait until then and bring this us. HOw can I do it faster? We have an order signed by the Judge to start the evaluation but we do not have any time frame for that, also we have not set a date for the move-awat hearing either. We wanted to see when the evaulation actually starts. Thanks.

Lee Alan Thompson

Lee Alan Thompson


Get your consulting attorney actively involved or just get an attorney to represent you. Time is running out for a hearing in January but there may be something you can do to salvage it if you move on it immediately.


Petition the court on an ex parte to complete the appointment of the evaluator and ask for fees

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