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Current tenant is requesting a copy of all maintenance records for his we have to give them to him?

Waupaca, WI |

Tenant claims that our maintenance employee damaged a christmas present when he was in the apartment for repairs. The tenant was not home and we had permission to go in. The tenant claims the box the present was in was damaged but not the item inside it but is saying we owe him money now for damages. Obviously, our employee states he did no such thing and we have no reason to doubt him. The tenant filed a police report and nothing has come of it but looks like he wants to take us to court now. He is asking that we give him all the maintenance records with the times our employees were there for his apartment. Do we have to give this to him.

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No. Not until he files a lawsuit and even then he would have to make a formal discovery request.


No, you do not have to provide the records unless it is through formal discovery during a court action. Normally I am in favor of being cordial in order to avoid a lawsuit, but it appears that the tenant is being unreasonable about the damages.

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