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Criminal:Repeating the question in the hope that someone may answer about charges against a husband by a wife in India and in US

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A person "X" was in an arrange marriage whos wife from India came to the US, filed violence charges against the person. The charges have not been proved or disproved at all yet. At the same time, the wife's family has filed false charges against the husband in India as well along with the husband's parents and husband's sister. How can the false complaints filed in India help the husband here who is fighting another set of false charges by the wife here in San Jose. The point is that the girl's family is abusing the "dowry" laws in India and have filed charges of dowry, and criminal threats against the husband's entire family which are just not true. Can the court summons from India be used here to let the DA know how the husband is being harassed. The wife claims to be asking for money to

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If I am correct what you want to know is that, for a male who has domestic violence charges pending against him in San Jose, how can the complaining witness's statements/pleadings/charges in an Indian Court be used as impeachment in the San Jose case?

My answer is you need to consult with and retain an attorney in the San Jose area because foreign jurisdictions present special issues along with the obvious, even if a witness were to be able to help attack her credibility he or she would need to be here in order to do so. I do not believe that this situation as you describe it lends itself to proceeding without an attorney. You can do a search on AVVO and I believe that both Mr. Dinkar and Puri are in your area and frequently contribute to this forum. good luck.