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Criminal Defense Lawyer needed

Hillsboro, OR |

What are my chances of finding a good criminal defense lawyer willing to either delay charges or do pro-bono work in Washington Co, OR. It's for Felony Theft charges.

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There are plenty of good defense attorneys in Washington County, OR and many of them might be able to do the things you indicate. Call the Oregon State Bar and ask for a referral either from the Pro Bono Panel or the Modest Means Program.


You're already way ahead of the curve in terms of even asking for a lawyer!


You can also apply for a public defender. Ask at the courthouse about it. Many of us private attorneys do take cases on a sliding scale basis, so it's always good to consult with people and then just ask them about reduced fees. However, felony cases are usually more expensive than misdemeanor cases, so you should be prepared for that.

Good luck!

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