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Criminal defense

Saint Paul, MN |

I just got caught stealing $20 or $30 at top foods they gave me a ticket for theft 609.52.(1) well I have to pay a fine or when I have to go to court I haven't been in trouble in over 8 years

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You're being prosecuted for a misdemeanor crime that can have serious implications for your future hopes of getting jobs or housing. Retain an attorney to help you fight the case. It's sometimes possible to obtain a deal to keep something like this off of your record. Good luck.

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You should hire a lawyer or apply for a public defender. Whatever you decide, you should certainly go to court and speak to the prosecutor. There are programs for which you might qualify that could keep this off your record. Good luck.


I urge you to have attorney assistance and representation in this matter. The potential negative 'collateral consequences' to a conviction likely will be quite severe and affect you for years to come. We avvo attorneys are available. All the best. Tricia Dwyer Esq.

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A theft offense can be very serious. While any theft under $500 is a misdemeanor. Such an offense is still punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $1000 fine. The collateral consequences of a conviction can also be extremely significant and preclude a person from finding employment where background checks are performed.

Often, if you have no prior offenses, a conviction can be avoided with a Stay of Prosecution. A Stay of Prosecution means that the offense is never recorded on your record and stayed for a certain period of time to ensure that you do not have another offense.

You should consult with experienced counsel.

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Unfortunately, you are looking at a misdemeanor theft charge. You will need to go to court. You face up to $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail. In addition to that, you will not want this on your record as it could have implications on your ability to find housing, a job or get into school. I recommend retaining an attorney who can help you help yourself by engaging in activities that might help you get a disposition where the theft stays off of your record.