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Criminal defense!

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I was arrested for a misdemeanor and i hired a criminal defense attorney who got the case DISMISSED via PC1385 without any conviction,probation.fine etc.

So, can in future job application etc i can write no on any conviction part in any form?

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You may.

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Yes as you were not convicted. Your attorney that did a great job for you could have answered this as well.
Robert Driessen

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The short answer is "yes." But you should get a certified copy of the docket showing the case was dismissed. You never want to rely upon the accuracy of a background check. If you have the certified docket handy, then you will be able to show it to a prospective employer quickly.


Yes, case was dismissed so no conviction resulted.


Yes, you may. But perhaps if the charges imposed against you were unreasonable to have been brought in the first place, you may able to file a petition for factual innocence which would clear your arrest record, if, you were actually arrested as well.