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Criminal check for deferred action policy?

Milford, VA |

Hello, I was just wondering if I need to do a criminal check on me. I'm trying to apply for deferred action, I meet all the requirements. I have two dismissed traffic tickets but other than that no felonies or anything. I already have my fingerprint card. Is it necessary for me to send it to the FBI to be sure that I'm "clean" I wanna start filling out the form. My immigration lawyer told me that it wasn't necessary, I asked her about my birth certificate and she told me that all I needed was my passport... I'm really nervous... I want my package to be well packed with the information needed. And sorry I have trust issues... But I gotta do some research before I make a move.

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The deferred action policy is new, and immigration attorneys are going to be better versed that criminal defense attorneys on how to proceed. My suggestion to you is to listen to your attorney, and if you don't trust him/her, go see another immigration attorney.

I have heard many promising hopes about this deferred action policy. But have also heard some downsides. Be careful and go so another immigration attorney. I imagine they do free consultations.

Best of luck,

James S. Abrenio

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Your immigration attorney appears to be competent and qualified ... don't second-guess her.

Franco Capriotti - Senior Immigration Counsel

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Please see the answer to your other question.

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