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Crime involving moral turpitude and Immigration

Dallas, TX |

I have a immigration question,can You pls help?
I have 2 misdemeanors in my backround,one Petit theft (dismissed after 6 month community service) and another one is driving without DL.
Will these charges effect to become permanent residentship?
I love this country,I forget to pay the small item,and unattentionly walked out,but police still arrested and charged me with retail petit theft long time ago.
Thank You sir or madam

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It appears that the petit theft would qualify under the Petty Offense exception. You should have an experienced immigration lawyer review your criminal documents to confirm. Best of luck.

Verdin Law Firm, LLC
Dallas, TX



Thank You,Mr.Verdin for answer,how about other charge -- DRIVING WITHOUT LICENSE is excuseable too?

Isaul Verdin

Isaul Verdin


Should be excusable.


I would need to confirm that it really was petit theft since there is a petit theft exception. Also, why was your license suspended? So, I would need more information. For instance, when did you commit these crime? Were you represented and were you notified of the effect that a plea to the crime might have to your immigration status? You should discuss this with an attorney before filing for naturalization.



Thanks for Your respond sir.I didn't have DL,because of not enough immigration documents couldn't get one.


You 'might' be OK.

Take your records to an immigration attorney for confirmation.

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