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Credit Judgement

Houston, TX |

I lived in New York for about thirteen years and moved back to Pakistan after 9/11 due to my immigration status. I was paying my bills on time when I was in New York and stopped paying them as soon as I moved out of the country.

Me and my family came back to US on immigration visa in Feb 2013. Recently I ran my credit report and found a judgement of $9000. I need an advice of what can be done as I just moved in and trying to get settled down.


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How old is the judgment? It might not be enforceable any more. If that is the case, the creditor might be willing to remove the debt from your credit report if you pay them something. Maybe not either. Sometimes it is better to "let sleeping dogs lie". The creditor is likely not aggressively pursuing this account after 12 years. You might consider getting back on your feet financially, and waiting for the second shoe to drop before taking any action. Still, I would schedule an appointment with an attorney in your area that handles debt related matters. Good Luck!



Dear Dwayne Thank you for your reply. The judgment was issued in Oct 2008 whereas I left the country on Mar 2003. I recently applied for a credit card and was denied perhaps for the same judgement.


Judgement can last for several more years that a charge off. Texas is typically 10 years and can be renewed. Depending on where you judgment is from, it may be on your credit for years. Best to either pay it or file a bankruptcy.