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Credit card application question

Vancouver, WA |

In the early 80's I filed for bankruptcy and it was discharged. In about 1991 or so it came off my history history and I believe that took about 10 years. In around 2005 I applied for a credit card. The application stated " do you have a bankruptcy in your credit history?. . I assume the question referred to a 10 year period and answered no. I had no bankruptcies on my credit report. Was this fraudulent. I received the credit card and have made payments on it for 6 years now. Could this ever come back to haunt me if I should decide to file for another bankrutcy.

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I don't believe your answer was fraudulent or could come back to haunt you because the creditor would have most likely granted your application for credit even if you had stated that you filed for bankruptcy.

Hope this perspective helps!