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Credit Card Account.

Los Angeles, CA |

I'm a new Permanent resident of U.S.A and i started receiving different credit card offers.

I have yet to start working i guess, I'm receiving these offers because me and my spouse(U.S.C) opened a joint credit card.

Can i apply credit card on my own and "quote the income which my U.S.C spouse makes" in the Annual income column?

Thanking you.

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Attorney answers 2


Yes. Credit card applications typically request information about "household income". This would include the income of your spouse.


Why would you be getting a credit card when you have no income to pay back what you charge? You already have one jointly with your spouse, why is that not enough? Please do not get trapped into borrowing money you cannot afford to pay back.



Sir, paying back is my responsibility, it will be great if you have any input regarding my question instead of giving unnecessary advice. Thanking you.