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CPS or court???

Beaumont, CA |

My ex wife would falsey accuse me that I have drank if front of my kids when it was my visits. Just recently there was pictures posted on social media of her always drinking in front of our kids and our daughter even commented on one of the pics confirming the time the adults finished drinking. Just tired of the lies pinned against me.

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Not sure what you are tyring to accomplish here.

I don't think it is necessary to call CPS based on what you describe. I doubt they will do much of anything just because you ex sife is having some drinks in front of the kids.

Going to court is going to cost some money and again, not sure what it will accomplish.

If your children's safety is at issue, then that's a whole different story.


Unless there is imminent concern about the safety of your children, redress by CPS or the courts is highly unlikely.

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Presumably, by "drinks" you mean alcohol. The act of a parent having an alcoholic drink in front of a child is, by itself, neither illegal or likely to result in an adverse action against that parent by either CPS or the courts. A parent who is an alcoholic and in such condition puts the safety of a child in danger is a different story.