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Cousin charged with charged with two counts of robbery by force while on probation for marjiuana citation.

Albany, GA |

The following are the details of the story that happened yesterday. My cousin is Aveontae Grier in the incident. My question is will he get bail? and will he go to jail?


Albany Police report they have arrested 20 year old Aveontae Grier of Albany in relation with the stabbing death of an Albany teen Tuesday night. Grier has been charged with two counts of robbery by force.

D. A. Greg Edwards says he is investigating the possibility of self-defense in the case.

Dougherty County Coroner Michael Fowler has identified 19-year-old Robert Soilberry as the man killed Tuesday night, stabbed in the 1900 block of Barnesdale Way, according to Coroner Michael Fowler.

Prosecutors say witnesses tell them that two men were sitting in a car in a driveway in the 1900 block of

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Your cousin needs an attorney as soon as possible.


He's charged with 2 felonies and there's a dead person involved; bail is gonna be tough, and there's a good chance he's looking at prison. He needs an attorney.


He could be facing a murder charge also. He need an attorney right away. The best way to insure that he get a bond is with an attorney.


Your cousin needs to hire an attorney as soon as possible.

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Your cousin needs an attorney sooner than later. It may be tough to get a bond on these charges. Your cousin needs an attorney he can reveal the details of the case to, so the attorney can try and obtain a bond for him. It may be possible, although if a bond is granted, it is likely it will be a high bond, if a bond is set at all. It's too early to say whether he will go to jail or not. There are too many variables involved.



I just found out today that since he did not have weapons they brought the charge down to robbery but he has two robbery charges and two aggravated assault charges because I guess there were two involved. At this point he still needs a good lawyer right? I don't think he got a bond so what happens now?

Quinton Vernard Spencer

Quinton Vernard Spencer


Yes, he still needs a good lawyer. If he was denied a bond, an attorney can file a motion for bond reconsideration. There are other potential options available as well. The attorney that handles this case will go over other options as well regarding bond.

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