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Court just received my files from archives. How long until I get a notice about the hearing for sealing my juvenile record?

Los Angeles, CA |

I called the juevnile court and they said they just received my files from archives. How long should it be until the court sends out a notice for the hearing? This is in regards to sealing a juvenile record in Los Angeles, CA.

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The courts are really backlogged and slow right now. If you are entitled to sealing, I've seen it take as long as six months. It could take less time, it just depends. Depends on what? Honestly? Luck.

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The best way to get an answer is to call the juvenile court and ask. The court clerk should be able to give you an idea of the timeframe.


Don't hold your breath. It could take a long time. The courts in LA just announced 500 layoffs. That will slow everything down. That said, the fact that they have your file from archives means they have what they need to process or evaluate your petition.