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Court date for a Request Trial Setting Short Cause.

Los Angeles, CA |

I am in CA and in a divorce/custody proceedings. Submited a Request Trial Setting Short Cause and would like to know after submitting the request to the court how long before I receive the court date?

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That varies from county to county but it won't be long because by requesting a short set you move up on the cases waiting to be tried.


It really depends on which court branch, in which county, you submitted it to. Some courts set short-cause trials directly on the Request; some set a "trial setting conference" first, at which the judge makes sure the case is really ready for trial (and it's embarrassing how many attorneys set matters which turn out not to be really "ready"), and THEN sets the actual trial date. If you hear nothing after a month or so, you should check the "case summary" on the court website (if it's Los Angeles County) and find out what happened.