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Court appointed attorney for the children

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I had a case heard in family court last month. The court appointed attorney for the kids made a recommendation to have the children placed with the grandparents before she even talked with the kids. Both kids did not want to go to the grandparents yet she said she was not going to remove the recommendation at all. Everything brought into court was all heat say with no evidence. Do I have a right to talk with the kids attorney to find out what is going on since I don't have a attorney. I have a court hearing coming up next month. I have not been found guilty of anything.

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Are you a relative or a parent of the child? What type of court proceeding (Juvenile Dependency or Probate)? Technically speaking, if you are not represented by counsel, the attorney can speak with you. However, you may want to consult with an attorney to see if that is the best strategy you should take. Though, without knowing more information, it would be difficult for any attorney to give you a complete answer.

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It's in family court. My fiancé is the father to one child and step father to the other. He got legal custody of his step daughter. The step daughter made a lot of false allegations against my fiancé and that's what the kids attorney went by even though the son and social services found none of the allegations to be true. We don't want to take back the step daughter we only want his son back. The son was placed with his step daughters grandparents in which the son doesn't know them.


Yes, you are free to talk with the kids' attorney. He does not have to talk to you however, unless you have some involvement with the case, such as one of the parents.

You should discuss this with your attorney or get one to make sure your rights are protected.


Yes you do although I'd hire a lawyer to consult with or represent you to determine the best course of action.

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