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Could we prove malpractice with no autopsy?

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My mother was admitted to Plainview hospital with a fever, because she had low blood pressure they kept her. They were debating on whether or not it was her appendix. They proceeded to remove it. After that her breathing was very fast, two days later she passes away. Doctors never knew why, they didnt even offer me an autopsy to find out. She had scirosis of the liver but that was fine. I found out through her death certificate she passed of septsis. I know they did something wrong. Dont know how to prove it. Im sick to my stomach my mom was only 61.

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Sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. Talk with a local medical malpractice attorney because her medical records may be enough to prove a violation of the standard of care.

Good luck.

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Sorry to hear about your mom.

Sounds like you may indeed have a case.

If interested, please contact me.

Steven North 212 861 5000


An autopsy would have been extremely helpful but not entirely necessary. It would be extremely interesting to obtain the pathology report on the appendectomy to determine if the surgery was appropriate and if the fever was caused by the inflamed appendix. If not there would be an arguable departure from good practice in having performed unnecessary surgery and potentially exacerbating an existing infection which was not otherwise investigated. I recommend you consult a local malpractice attorney.

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