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Could the following result in the department of justice filing asset forfeiture either through the civil or criminal process?

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Currently under criminal investigation by the irs and the investigation is likely to result in federal criminal charges. Started a new business that has nothing to do with previous ventures and this business was started without any proceeds from previous irs matter. Along with that the new business has followed all rules and regulations and has been timely paying taxes. Wondering if the current irs problems could result in asset forfeiture either civilly or criminally by the department of justice?

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It depends on where the funds for the new business came from, who owns it and if you owe money. An IRS investigation means you need an accountant and a good tax attorney at a minimum

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The source of the money and who owns business are the key questions. My colleague is correct. You need an accountant and attorney.

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In a forfeiture matter, the government can seize or file for forfeiture whether or not a criminal case has been filed. The government has many restrictions in forfeiture matters and on many occasions the claimant (you) should initiate the action if the accounts have been frozen or property seized prior to a trial. You will need an experienced attorney in this area because your set of facts are at the very least mitigating factors. I wish you the best.
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I agree with the previous answers. An accountant and a lawyer can assist you with this issue. Good luck

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