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Could my family member file a suit against adult protective service

Madera, CA |

my mother was being investigated from adult protectives services from acustations from her sis. There was nothing significant enough to press any charges and she was told the case was closed in APS. department. and sent toanother org. to see what they could do. since the closing the APS worker is still getting and giving info to my aunt. my mother has power of attourney over my grandfather since he has slight dementia and is still able to make choices in his care. APS stripted my mom of that and gave temporary say over my grandfather to my aunt . now that its closed does my mom still have that power, if not where does it go and is it right for my aunt and APS to discuss the case now that its closed helping them to find other ways of trying to get my mom introuble

APS felt at the time it was safe enough to hand over temporary power of attourney to my aunt who was bed ridden and on vary powerful prescribed drugs for the last 2 years. Bills were late and a mess money was there but nothing paid APS did nothing to help. Does my grandfather have any say if theres no paper legal medical documents stating he couldn't chose for hiself.

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It does not sounds like there are legitimate grounds for a lawsuit against APS or your Aunt as long as they can show they had legitimate concerns about your grandfather. Your mother should however clarify the situation with APS regarding her power of attorney to avoid any future issues.