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Could i sue dcf/cbc of seminole for neglegence of my case plan?

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We are also wondering if we can sue them for taking our son in the first place cause me and my bf got into a dv dispute and then i went to visit him when he was in jail by myself our son wasnt with me and they said i was putting him in danger but he wasnt with its been almost two years since i started dealing with them and at the begining me and my bf found out i was pregnant had a job oppertunity in tallahassee so we moved and our caseworker told us to find places up there whre we could do all our classes within two days we had all the information and contact numbers for them and after months of calling cbc about it and constantly hear that the supervisor reviewing it we finally are told none will the time they figured out where we could go it was another three months and half the places were the same ones we found then it took them forever to fund our classes when we were told by the superviser it takes three days at the most for funding..i now have everything done on my case plan besides a job cause its hard to find one since i moved back to town and cbc refuses to let me have unsupervised visits with my son...what should i do i goto court in a few days and i need help my son is three and wants to come home and i just want him home..

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Any parent involved in the dependency/foster care system is entitled to a free attorney. If you do not have one then you need to ask immediately upon walking in to the next court hearing. There are a lot of hurdles in this process and unfortunately you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get things "back to normal". Government agencies tend to be immune from lawsuits so you would likely not be able to recover anything. However, you can always see if there is an attorney to take on this type of case.

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