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Could I get a Habitual Violator for six charges (M) in one innocence.

Acworth, GA |

DUI, fleeing & eluding, hit & run,reckless driving ,obstruction,following to close..

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The reckless, obstruction, and following too close don't count for habitual violator. The other ones do (DUI, fleeing/eluding, and hit and run). If you pled guilty to all of them, you'd be a habitual violator even though it was one single incident. You need a good attorney to negotiate on your behalf and get some of these charges dismissed or merged into the greater offense. There might also be some good defenses to your case that you need to explore before taking any kind of plea.


Two out of three, so no. Unless you have a previous conviction for one of the predicate offenses within the last 5 years. If you don't already have one, you need a lawyer right now.

Benjamin David Goldberg

Benjamin David Goldberg


Sorry, in rereading the question I see that I missed the hit and run portion. That, the DUI and the fleeing could make you HV if you're convicted of all three.


Make sure you're not convicted of the DUI, Fleeing, Reckless, and Hit ad Run altogether. 3 or more of these convictions in a 5 year period is not good.

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You are in some serious trouble! DUI, Fleeing& Eluding and Hit & Run can all count toward a Habitual Violator (HV). The others don't. You need to be concerned about going to JAIL and not necessarily about your status as a habitual violator. The Habitual Violator status issue will work itself out in the end. If you are not convicted of the predicate offenses then you won't have to worry about HV status. You need to hire the best DUI/Criminal Defense Attorney that is available to you ASAP! Your FREEDOM is on the line! Good Luck!
George McCranie

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