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Could i board the plane if i have a misdemeanor warrant or will i be arrested at the airport??

Port Richey, FL |

wanna pick up my daughter from new england for christmas i just dont know if ill be arrested on site

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Chances are no. However, if you get stopped on the way to the airport, or get in an accident that the police come to investigate, or raise suspicions at the airport, or have to speak to an officer because you are a victim or witness to a crime. In other words, you are better off getting this warrant taken care of before you do anything else. You never know when or where you will get arrested because of this warrant. Why not just nip it in the bud by resolving the warrant and you avoid living in fear. If you wish, feel free to give me a call.


I agree with Attorney Epifanio, you probably will not get picked up. BUT you could get picked up, as happened recently to a person who was picked up at Miami Airport on a five year old warrant out of a Western Florida County. He missed court on a misdemeanor 5 years ago and moved out of the country. He had a capias issued then and got caught changing planes in Miami this year. Took a week to be transported to the originating county, all that time in custody.
The risk is small but the penalty is severe. Often, with a misdemeanor, the jurisdiction where the warrant is active may decide not to pay to extradite you. But that usually takes a few days in custody. And if you are in the state the warrant is active, they will transport you there. Get it resolved.

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