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Cost of separation/divorce married 17 yrs 1 child 14yrs old

Ypsilanti, MI |

I'm in a verbally abusive marriage i'm a breast cancer survivor. Want to move out of bad situation.

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The cost of divorce varies greatly. A divorce between two people who already agree on property settlement, custody and support can be pretty cheap (around $1,000). But the more the parties fight, and the longer they take to come to an agreement, the more the divorce will cost. One study shows that the average cost of divorce in a major metropolitan area is $18,000. I would hazard to guess that Michigan's average is a bit lower than that.


The greatest single determinant of how much a divorce will cost is the level of conflict between the two of you.

The best way to reduce costs is to try to settle the case with the help of a mediator. You should each have an attorney who has been trained in mediation, if that is possible. Two of our three judges in Washtenaw County require mediation at the beginning of a new divorce case. That helps channel your husband and you into the process.

Another alternative dispute resolution process that helps to reduce costs is collaborative practice. You will each need an attorney who has been trained in collaborative divorce.

Both processes help you manage your anger and focus on what you child needs and how you can provide it. They also help you achieve a respectful, civil property settlement.

The analysis you need to make is what is it costing you to stay in the marriage. You have determined that the benefits of this marriage and not worth the cost. Then focus on your what you new life can be. I suggest you confer with an attorney to help you realistically plan.


There is no reason to seek a legal separation unless there are very specific reasons to do so. You should seek a divorce. Divorce cases vary in costs because it depends on what issues are brought up during the case. If the issue is custody of the minor child, that can become an expensive case. You should speak to an experience Michigan family law attorney to discuss your facts.

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