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Cost for lawyer fees in Michigan contingency fee basis 1/3 of the lawsuit won on wrongful death case

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my husband passed away last month due to other driver ran red light and t boned him went to lawyer he said open estate in your name and file lawsuit and get other party insurance said he is not going to charge for opening estate in my name. he said after we won the case he is going to subtract the amount he spend like filing, expert witness etc

example: filing fee, expert fees, testimony comes to 20000$. if i won 50000$ first he is going to take 20000 and another 1/3 of the 30000 so total 30000 for the lawyer and 20000 for me. so is this the law in Michigan.

can the lawyer make up 20000$ i used this expert and used that expert so that i spend more money. is filing paper work not part of the 1/3 salary?

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You basically have it right. I don't know any attorney who would incur $20000 in costs on a $50000 case, but I guess it is possible. Get other opinions before hiring your attorney. There are a lot of us out there who want to get the most for our clients while spending the least in costs. I am one of those attorneys.

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Your outline is generally accurate, excepting that the time preparing the paperwork, forms and pleadings is generally covered by the 1/3 contingency, while the out of pocket costs for the court filing fees etc. are part of the "costs" which are subtracted from the gross recovery and paid back in the calculation of the net recovery, which is what the contingency fee is calculated upon. The costs are your costs which are to be paid by you or advanced to you by the lawyer).
I would be surprised if the costs in a case with a $50,000 gross recovery would get to $20,000 but, hopefully, your attorney is being conservative in his estimates so that you will not be disappointed or surprised later.
Generally lawyers will not make up or intentionally increase costs, as they are out of pocket expenses where the attorney makes no money, and every $1.00 in costs decreases the lawyer's eventual fee by $0.33.
If you do not trust your attorney, find one you do.
In cases such as you describe, with clear liability and a death, the limiting factor on the recovery is most commonly the collectability of the negligent party.
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Your description sounds accurate and consistent with the Michigan court rules and ethical rules. If you trust the attorney, you should not be very concerned about the costs. The attorney can only charge you for actual costs incurred, and every dollar he or she spends reduces the fee by 33 cents. If, as you say, liability is clear, there would be no need for an expert, unless there is a very large insurance policy or another deep pocket to pursue.

You may have misunderstood what he said about "filing." There are fees for filing a lawsuit and for certain other things (such as filing a motion), but those fees would likely be in the hundreds, not thousands of dollars. "Filing paper work" is not a cost; that is covered as part of the 1/3 fee.

You need to find an attorney who you trust. I, like each of the other attorneys responding to this post, would be happy to help you find someone, if you are not comfortable with the attorney you first met with.

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I agree with the other attorneys and simply want to say that I highly recommend Attorney Klisz and Attorney Brennan (sorry but I do not know the other attorney who answered). Give these lawyers a call and they will definitely do a great job for you. So sorry for your loss and I wish you luck!

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