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Corporation Checking account

Chicago, IL |

Can a bank refuse or ignore to take off a signee who opened the account without the corporation's knowing after they received a corporate resolution showing the signee no longer was a director and requesting to have the account closed?

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What were the reasons for the bank's refusal to close the account? It does not strike me as unusual provided they had some other reason (such as a requirement that something more than a corporate resolution be provided, or that a bank policy required a specific procedure which was not followed). I say it is not unusual because a corporate director, as a matter of common law, is "cloaked with authority" to conduct daily business on behalf of the corporation. Therefore, if the bank did not raise questions or refuse to close the account it may be violating applicable law.

I would ask the bank to clarify its decisions and provide internal documentation as to why it will not close the account with a duly-enacted board resolution.

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