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Cori sealing question.

Boston, MA |

Quick question, reading the statue that explains the sealing process, it states something to the effect "any conviction of greater than 50$" would restart the timing to seal a record. I had a parking ticket that I honestly didnt know about, it was in brookline ma. When I went to get a new license I got a notice about the ticket. I went to brookline to pay immediately, but it was 55$. I'm nervous that this will restart the time 10 years to seal my CWOF. The 55$ consisted of the original fee 15$ and subsequent late charges.

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It takes a criminal action to restart the statutory time. A parking ticket is civil. Unless it is more than you are presenting, it should have no impact. We seal records for clients regularly. If you need counsel for your action call us.


I do not see that the parking ticket is a criminal conviction.

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Previous two answers are correct; a parking ticket is not criminal, and therefore would not start the "CORI clock" again.

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