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Cori and what shows up.

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My specific question:

CWOF with probation which was dismissed. Occurred about 10 years ago. If a employer has the ability to see only "convictions and pending cases" will this show up on the the cori report?

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Generally speaking, If it was misdemeanor, and there have been no intervening convictions in the 10 years preceding the petition to seal, you may be able to seal it under 276, 100A by way of petition to Commissioner of Probation. If you meet the statutory criteria, the Commissioner will not have any discretion to refuse the seal. If sealed, whether or not an employer can see "convictions and pending cases" will be moot, as any request for your CORI to the CHSB will be answered, "No record".


It will likely be seen as a dismissal. You can order your CORI and check for yourself.

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The CWOF will show up on your CORI. However, whether your employer or potential employers will have the ability to see the CWOF will depend on the employer's certification pursuant to MGL chapter 6, sections 172(a), (b), and (c). Certain agencies and organizations are given deeper access to CORI information, primarily to protect public interest. Knowing who your employer or potential employer is, I would suggest you check out the statute to see if they are given special access.


A CWOF is not a conviction. If the probation was successfully completed 10 years ago, then the case should have been dismissed and closed. Meaning your case is neither a conviction nor a pending case. Below is a link to Mass Legal Service's CORI Reader to help you further understand your CORI.