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Copyright Infringement?

Onalaska, WI |

Ultraviolet codes are packaged with new dvds and blue-rays and allow the consumer to enter the code for online viewing. I know Its copyright infringement to sell these codes directly on Ebay but is it copyright infringement to hold an auction thats selling a penny but also includes an ultraviolet codes as a free bonus?

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Your proposed actions do not circumvent copyright law and likely violate the digital millennium copyright act. Don't do it.


That is an interesting idea but does not take you out of the copyright act.


Why would anyone buy a penny for any amount more than a penny -- or, rather, actually for less than a penny to account for the acquisition cost? No one would. Which is a fact the law will not, indeed cannot, ignore. So if you put your plan in action during your copyright infringement case you would have to stand before a judge and explain that you're simply selling a penney for a penny -- and providing the buyer with a movie-code bonus to boot. Try to craft an argument now that your plan is commercially reasonable. Good luck.

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You are proposing to use a subterfuge to facilitate copyright infringement---it won't work.