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Cops was at my moms for a feloney warrent for me please please help me what do i do if you can contact me ill explain more pleas

Kalamazoo, MI |

please help (989)494-2529

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You need to contact an attorney and arrange an appointment.


You need to contact an attorney.

My discussion with you regarding the question you posted on Avvo does not create an attorney-client relationship, nor is my response to your question to be considered legal advice. While I do my best to provide helpful responses given the factual scenario presented, proper analysis of any matter requires a more in-depth conversation than what is practical on Avvo. If you would like to discuss your matter further so that I may provide you with more specific advice, please take advantage of your free consultation by e-mailing me directly at or by calling me directly at (616) 606 - LAW-6 (5296). If you are a member of the military, or if an immediate family member of yours lost his or her life while fighting for our country, I am proud to offer you a 10% discount on my fee.


You should contact an attorney and arrange to turn yourself in. People who walk in with counsel have an improved chance of walking out against those who wait to be chased down. A person who comes on his own makes a persuasive showing of his own lack of dangerousness, helpful on matters of setting bond, on plea bargains with the prosecutor, and on various matters with the judge.

Make sure you only give details to an attorney you are privately consulting with, who is legally allowed to keep your secrets. The first and most important thing to do is not to make things worse.

There are fine attorneys locally in Kalamazoo, and you need to find one right away. However, if you cannot afford an attorney, I would still recommend turning yourself in, and they will appoint an attorney for you.

Contact me at 248-399-6930 for a free consultation. You and I do not have an attorney-client relationship formed by our communications on this website. Advice given by me on this website is general advice based on partial information. You should not rely on any advice given without first hiring a lawyer in the area where the case is pending, and providing that lawyer with full information.


Mr. Lawrence gave you great advice.