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Coparent continually moves and doesn't tell me ahead of time like court order says. How do I get him to obey court order?

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Apparently my coparent has moved yet again per what my small child told me and has moved 3 times in the last 3 months. My child never knows where Dada's going to stay or who he's going to leave her with. She said this time that he moved and lives with people that she can't remember the names of. (I know he does drugs and hangs out with those type of people, yet custody evaluator did not even investigate it.) She tells me things voluntarily. It's worthless to tell the decisionmaker who never slaps his hands and charges me lots of money when I'm not the problem. Should I file some sort of motion? Am I allowed to file a motion with a decisionmaker on the case. Again, the decisionmaker won't even slap his hand.

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Do you have a family law attorney?

If not, you need one. You need to use this website to find someone you can talk to about this situation and discuss possible strategies.

We would be happy to talk to you at our firm.

In no way am I offering you legal advice, and in no way has my comment created an attorney-client relationship. You are not to rely upon my note above in any way, but insted need to sit down with counsel and share all relevant facts before receiving fully-informed legal advice. If you want to be completely sure of your rights, you must sit down with an experienced criminal defense attorney to be fully aware of your rights.


I agree with Dan that you need a family law attorney and I am referring all of my clients to him due to some health concerns that I am having, so yo could not be in better hands.

The information provided in this answer does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not considered to be legal advice.

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