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Contract and contractual form, agreement ?

Miami, FL |

is any contract a private matter or public matter? is any contract an agreement between two or more people or two or more entities? can a third party not implicated in the contract ask to have a copy of the contact?

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It is possible for a third party to benefit from a contract if the contract was created expressly to benefit that third party.

You should speak with an attorney so that he can review the specific facts in your case and advise you accordingly.


For the most part private contracts are private matters between people and they are under no obligation to share their ageement with strangers. There are certainly circumstances where this is not true such as agreements with governmental agencies. In addition, as noted by another awyer, the law recognizes the concept of an intended thrid party beneficiary who may develop rights by virtue of the intent of the contracting parties. such an intended thrid party beneficiary may have a right to view the contract entered for their benefit. Every situation is different and you porbably should consult a lawyer to explore the facts of your circumstances.


You've given limited facts about your specific contract. Let me add a few things to what the other lawyers advised. Many people may ask to see a copy of a contract you have with someone else. They may or may not have a right to see it. Also, you may have certain restrictions in the contract which limit or prohibit your disclosure of confidential information which may be inside.


It is not clear in your question, but also certain contract related documents may have to be recorded in the public records. Also, if a contract is with a government/public agency or entity, it is likely that such a document is subject to Florida public record laws unless it otherwise falls within a list of limited exceptions. However, regarding general contracts between two private parties, I agree with my collegiate above.

Disclaimer: This information is for general information purposes only and does not create an attorney-client relationship. Nothing contained above should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. Please consult with an attorney licensed in your state and contact for more information.